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A Young Boy’s visit to the Dentist

Here is a transcript of this video of a trip to see a family dentist.

Hello how are you, so nice to meet you. Are you excited to be here?

Yeah it’s gonna be fun. Okay you’re really good you get two prizes from the treasure chests all right. All that mine out at my stop my um my dentist on that they only give me one. they only give you

We do two for extra good patients okay? So here we have Spongebob on do you want to watch something else?

No I think I wanna watch I like Spongebob. Okay well today we’re gonna get your teeth all nice and clean okay? Yeah.

Have you gotten this done before you’ve been through this before right? Yeah. Okay well I’m gonna put my mask on here Bruce okay? I’m gonna show you a few things first let me show you my cool tools here. So first I have a little squirt gun here.

You want to see what this does? Look at that! Wow! And it also sprays air, you want to feel the air huh just like that. See you can be a little model blow your hair back.

Yeah. And then I have a toothbrush here okay and what it does is it makes your teeth really clean and shiny okay. So watch this you can touch this to see it just spins just like that see?

Oh as long you have one of those you do alright? Last thing I’m gonna show ya it’s my little elephant trunk okay? You know what this does? It sucks up everything in your mouth so any water any toothpaste it gets it all out okay?

Try it. Yeah it just sounds like that and then you can put it in your mouth – good job. See that’s really easy. All right let me lean you back I’m gonna take a peek okay?

Okay now does anything hurt in your mouth bud? Nope. No? Okay I’m just gonna count your teeth here okay that’s my little tooth counter I’ll show ya what it looks like. Here’s my little mirror. See yourself in the reflection there? Yeah it’s just a teeny little mirror.

All right I got my tooth counter here we go, open big. Good job buddy one two three four five six seven eight nine ten on the top whoo-hoo.

Let’s check the bottom here open big 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 you have 20 teeth high-five that’s awesome. Doesn’t it look like we have any cavities either.

Okay so I’m gonna go ahead and clean them up here polish them up here okay? This parts really easy. All right here we go buddy, open big good job. Here we go it’s a little tickly right not bad though.

Thank you. All right let me get your rinse now raspberry-flavored.

See that was easy huh Bruce? Yeah. We are all done you were the best patient ever. How did you like it? Good. Good. I’m gonna go pick out a treasure now.

All right bud follow me, let me get your toothbrush. What color do you want? We have blue green or orange I think or if you want orange. All right there you go.

Good job today. Follow me up front okay?

The baby’s over there? Yes. Where’s the treasure chest? You see? Yeah. Oh, you’re gonna beat me to it.

Okay good job today. What instrument is in the bathroom? Wow, oh, a tooth a tube of toothpaste.

He’s a clever one alright. Good job today Bruce give me high five. Oh you missed there oh whoa oh that hurt man.

All right we’ll see you later bud have a good one yeah.

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